Swimming Pool Stereotypes

Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the pool stereotypes
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  • The wet food is soooooo relatable

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  • At the pool park where they have guns how they see how we see

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  • The basketball game is so true😂

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  • Texas gang WYA

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  • "The guy with a water slide and brags to his friends about it"

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  • 2:44, nice Rudy

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  • Ty getting hit with a pool noodle is hilarious

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  • You are the best people on the planet

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  • Rage monster best ending ever

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  • The things we do for youtubr

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  • What a flip!

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  • Making food wet is probably one of the most Annoying things that a human could do

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  • 0:59. That's Dak Prescott

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  • Qq111¹

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  • Sun Proof Fred 2000

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  • When you wanna play super smash bros in the pool 0:20

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  • I lovw this

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  • I love that they added dak love the cowboys favorite player zeke tho

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  • I love how dark Prescott was in this video he plays for my favorite NFL twam

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  • 1:35 should’ve been the black guy

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  • We

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  • Was that dak Prescott. In the Football skit

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  • Make more steriotypes

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  • Mrs. Karen and Mr. Excues, what more can I take

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  • Lord of the Rings is great!

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  • 7:01 KO

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  • best rage monster yet

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  • You guys are my number one fan I love you guys you're so fun

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  • What the heck

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  • I love the fact the Cody was both "Mr Excuses" and "Activity Guy"

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  • I await the day where they do a Rage Monster but the editors are like “cameras were off :/“

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  • im the mom watch me kid

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  • R.I.P to the pool

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  • In the pool war scene, Ty looks the bearded guy from ghost recon

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  • 5:18

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  • These guyS are funny

  • The mom watch 😭

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  • No one likes krean

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  • You’d hate to love em’ and you’d love the hate em’ lol

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  • I don’t like the rage monsters mulit

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  • Ngl he cut that water melon perfect

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  • I mean featured

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  • I love how they have dark Prescott in there vid and don’t even say in the title feathered dark Prescott

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  • The tan is fake it would be on there legs to there for the tan is fake

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  • Casual Be like Boi

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  • Tell me not whe; u get in to a pool or hot route the crotch is the hardest part to cool down and the stomach does aslo

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  • Proud to say I'm one of the belly flop guys😂

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  • Wow that’s how you no You Have to much time

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  • 5:15 oh no-

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  • Im literally the temperature sensitive timmy and its not an exaggeration

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  • Plot twist. That wasnt sun cream

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  • You wasting water!

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  • Did he just walk on water

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  • In my group of friend sim the belly flop legend lol

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  • Perfect! This Maybe One Of Your Most *Famous Videos,* Keep Up The Great *Work.*

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  • 7:01 the best hahaha

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  • 6:38 the rage monster

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