Airsoft Battle Royale 2

Time for round 2 of another epic airsoft battle!
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  • Y’all like this series? 🤙🏼 Thumbs up if we should run it back... ► Watch last year’s Airsoft 1:

    Dude PerfectDude PerfectPred rokom
    • What is the second song name

      Tasdika AkterTasdika AkterPred 3 mesiacmi
    • Yep love it

      Kai planteKai plantePred 3 mesiacmi
    • hay ty, thats not called a pirate pistol, its called a flintlock.

      Triple.ATriple.APred 6 mesiacmi
    • YES

  • Whay cody have 5 ballons

    Ralf WallissonRalf WallissonPred hodinou
  • Tys the octane of the group 😂🤣

    VelixVelixPred 9 hodinami
  • Are y’all In Chernobyl

    Cashton PlaysCashton PlaysPred dňom
  • ty: can you make pizza tonight cobes: i will be happy to do that sparks: comes up to revive him me: your not making pizza!

    Linus FengLinus FengPred dňom
  • What song is this?

    Heather WormuthHeather WormuthPred 2 dňami

    Blake KlobyBlake KlobyPred 4 dňami

    Blake KlobyBlake KlobyPred 4 dňami
  • The terrific star morphometrically watch because cardigan genetically fit following a healthy yellow. defiant, bizarre butane

    nathanial merwinnathanial merwinPred 4 dňami
  • Cool.

    Kennette GaelaKennette GaelaPred 5 dňami
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if

    MalusMalusPred 5 dňami
  • this is insane

    Emma GarciaEmma GarciaPred 6 dňami
  • PUBG in real life i like it wowwww

    A.k17A.k17Pred 6 dňami
  • This was the best air soft battle, who agrees with me?

    Brett finglandBrett finglandPred 6 dňami
  • Street airsoft. Day. Close streets for cyclavia airsoft

    Joseph Joel MoraJoseph Joel MoraPred 7 dňami
  • Does anyone else notice that Cory is literally cosplaying as crypto. Look at how he has his hands in his pockets at the end

    JaSuJaSuPred 7 dňami
  • I really like Apex legens my favorite character is gribaltar

    maria elena torresmaria elena torresPred 7 dňami
  • This is like every gamers dream

    100% Reidball100% ReidballPred 8 dňami
  • This is basically apex legends in real life

    100% Reidball100% ReidballPred 8 dňami
  • I cant find the name of the song. What is it?

    I II IPred 8 dňami
    • It’s Apache by David Connolly

      MclarenMclarenPred 8 dňami
  • 1:59 probably my favorite part of the video.

    Braden ReileBraden ReilePred 8 dňami

    Jack FischerJack FischerPred 10 dňami
  • Keno 🏈

    Joseph MoraJoseph MoraPred 11 dňami
  • Morongo casino

    Joseph MoraJoseph MoraPred 11 dňami
  • Keno soft

    Joseph MoraJoseph MoraPred 11 dňami
  • 5:57 Did the gun jam?

    CoasterSagaCoasterSagaPred 11 dňami
  • This man Garrett wearing football shoulder pads

    Caleb MoranCaleb MoranPred 11 dňami
    • 😭😭😭

      Caleb MoranCaleb MoranPred 11 dňami
  • I would love 2 going them

    Abbas Abu YahyaAbbas Abu YahyaPred 11 dňami
  • The flashy trombone unlikely flap because ravioli ophthalmoscopically expect off a flowery biplane. upset, distinct chair

    samud qureshisamud qureshiPred 12 dňami
  • главное правило при игре в казяки - используйте обязательно официальные. Сейчас в интернете много топов, я пользуюсь рейтингом казирейт.

    Dementii KhazanovichDementii KhazanovichPred 12 dňami

    HSLofi ArtHSLofi ArtPred 13 dňami
  • this means red wins wins which means that this is technically cobys win aswell

    ZukanZukanPred 13 dňami
  • so happy ha ha ha

    マシュマロチョコレートマシュマロチョコレートPred 13 dňami
  • Legends are watching after 5 years 😂😂

    Gaming WorldGaming WorldPred 13 dňami
  • They should see if novrititch would like to play

    If you read my name u must subIf you read my name u must subPred 14 dňami

    Your Friendly GamerYour Friendly GamerPred 14 dňami
  • Arenas 🤔

    Dragon Pl (end)Dragon Pl (end)Pred 14 dňami
  • Do a 3 plz

    Michael AekinsMichael AekinsPred 14 dňami
  • This is a 3v3 match, not a battle royale.

    Christian SChristian SPred 15 dňami
  • this must have been so fun to film

    Aidan DalbyAidan DalbyPred 15 dňami
  • You should keep making more of these videos... my friends and I can't stop watching these airsoft battles.

    6 b0y FAM6 b0y FAMPred 16 dňami

    shiwaksha jhashiwaksha jhaPred 16 dňami
  • What's the music from 4:15?

    Chinmay Kalapur2020Chinmay Kalapur2020Pred 16 dňami
  • Oh yah this was my favourite

    MD FAEMD FAEPred 16 dňami
  • i hate you sparky

    Muhammad Asfandyar ShakeelMuhammad Asfandyar ShakeelPred 16 dňami
  • Sparky nailed it with a pistol 🤙🏻🤙🏻

    OP_Cobra_❣️OP_Cobra_❣️Pred 17 dňami
  • Hit me up for the next battle instead of sparky

    Camille MarstonCamille MarstonPred 17 dňami
  • thats awesome 😎

    Ms Dony *Ms Dony *Pred 17 dňami
  • weeak!

    Cam Drive GateCam Drive GatePred 17 dňami
  • Pls do 3

    Barbara EddsBarbara EddsPred 18 dňami
  • That was sick sparky was amazing 🤩

    Samanvi KatanguruSamanvi KatanguruPred 18 dňami
  • Kinda salty that Ty’s team didn’t win, but dang, that was a clutch if I’ve ever seen one!

    PotatoMateYTPotatoMateYTPred 18 dňami
  • The scintillating point likely trick because base principally inform with a penitent pen. fresh, simple oven

    Jean BarkerJean BarkerPred 19 dňami
  • I love this

    Adamss YakistoAdamss YakistoPred 19 dňami
  • But where is the third party?

    The Hanging GiraffeThe Hanging GiraffePred 20 dňami
  • 9:50 scariest noise at the right time what a perfect sound for the situation

    Jo Anne TagliamonteJo Anne TagliamontePred 20 dňami
  • how did y'all let him when

    Sasha PearsonSasha PearsonPred 20 dňami
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    jimmy privejimmy privePred 20 dňami
  • Nice ssg10 a1!!

    Nitrx gamingNitrx gamingPred 20 dňami
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😳

    Gabe LewisGabe LewisPred 20 dňami
  • so cody was given a level one body shield for recently doing lasik

    yeeting with Alyyeeting with AlyPred 20 dňami
  • This one of my fav vid

    The Sport CrewThe Sport CrewPred 21 dňom
  • that was such a lucky shot with sparky.also can you guys come to hamiton new zeland it would mean the world to me if I meet you guys you guys are my heros

    Theo BeereTheo BeerePred 21 dňom
  • Yeah that was totally mission impossible

    Oscar JIANGOscar JIANGPred 21 dňom
  • Its also very epic. its like a mission impossible game

    Oscar JIANGOscar JIANGPred 21 dňom
  • I had High hopes for red to win when i saw this vid bc Cody had 4 balloons. Bad luck for blue team lol

    Oscar JIANGOscar JIANGPred 21 dňom
  • T H I S M U S I C

    jaiden but sadjaiden but sadPred 21 dňom
  • Who else felt so anxious for Cory when Cody was hunting him in that warehouse?

    Rumples & ThingsRumples & ThingsPred 21 dňom
  • yeah yeah do you wanna build a snowman Carmel craft I forgot

    HyDra HybridHyDra HybridPred 21 dňom
  • N Veg Gcjcb V Fkyxlyr fhg

    Mehmet serdar ArıkMehmet serdar ArıkPred 21 dňom
  • 👍

    Brandon MayBrandon MayPred 22 dňami
  • Holy! Let me play!! 🔫

    Matt LiMatt LiPred 22 dňami
  • Sparky clutched 1v2

    Itz SJItz SJPred 22 dňami
  • what stiupid video ..omfg :()

    Mr.Missing *QuotesMr.Missing *QuotesPred 22 dňami
  • Can you do more of this please

    king channelking channelPred 22 dňami
  • How the blue team lost, they were two

    Maab KhanMaab KhanPred 23 dňami
  • Copy off Mr beasts 200 000 dollar you tuber battle royal

    Quackson GamingQuackson GamingPred 23 dňami
    • Mrbeast said it's was dp idea

      ØSKYZØØSKYZØPred 18 dňami
  • nobody forget that Cory fought Cody and Sparky, taking 4 balloons, and saved Ty and Garrett by finding Coby with the thermal drone

    Eagle1w3Eagle1w3Pred 23 dňami
  • Airsoft battle royale 4.

    NoobMasterNoobMasterPred 24 dňami
  • What is the song on this video I really like it

    GalaxyFoxGamingGalaxyFoxGamingPred 24 dňami
  • I love the idea of these video’s you should do more all in all i love them keep doing what your doing😁😁😁

    Jakob MckennaJakob MckennaPred 24 dňami
  • I don't know about anyone else but I want to know what happened to the drone

    technoblade2technoblade2Pred 25 dňami
  • I’ve probably guven you guys at least 100,000 views because I love this video and airsoft so much

    Kurt happy zoumaKurt happy zoumaPred 25 dňami
  • when’s the next part? 🤔

    Alfie SayerAlfie SayerPred 25 dňami
  • I love airsoft

    Austin’s Fun YouTubeAustin’s Fun YouTubePred 25 dňami
  • Use a shield battery

    SupaNickSupaNickPred 25 dňami
  • greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    Truong Lam SonTruong Lam SonPred 25 dňami
  • I’m happy they sponsored apex!

    payal pandeypayal pandeyPred 25 dňami
  • This is so creative

    Aagney GorthiAagney GorthiPred 25 dňami
  • 😔

    Frank MontesFrank MontesPred 26 dňami
  • Yoooo I can't remember I had this much fun watching youtube😂😂😂

    Michael NAMichael NAPred 26 dňami
  • Does anybody want a pt 3

    Zip seeZip seePred 26 dňami
  • Jj

    Sodie LumantasSodie LumantasPred 27 dňami
  • I like how the camera men ran the same amount the did

    Kayne StinnettKayne StinnettPred 28 dňami
  • New part please

    technical gamingtechnical gamingPred 28 dňami
  • this is on of my favorites.

    Pred 29 dňami
  • No way red clutched up

    Barrett SendrowskiBarrett SendrowskiPred 29 dňami
  • 9:54 man predicted rampart's sheila before it even came out

    Florian DUVALFlorian DUVALPred 29 dňami
  • I love the way how ty and gar knocked off coby and cody

    BeAsTBeAsTPred 29 dňami
  • I think the ending shows how OP the wingman is

    Alex KimAlex KimPred mesiacom